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What is Comfort Fit and Standard Fit?

There are two types of rings band in the market – Standard fit and Comfort fit. Comfort fit is always not well known than Standard fit. We strongly recommend comfort-fit styles for ring widths of 5mm and wider. On widths of 4mm or less, the comfort-fit advantage is not as noticeable, but because the rings are still more comfortable than standard wedding bands, we recommend the comfort fit for all widths if your budget allows.


What is Comfort Fit


Comfort fit is a ring that is customised using extra gold to create the comfort dome in the interior compare to normal Standard fit, result in a very comfortable fit. Comfort fit wedding bands made with precious metal such as platinum and gold are a little more expensive than non-comfort fit bands. When comes to resizing, comfort fit ring will also cost slightly more due to the dome interior (more gold for touch up required in the process). The advantages of Comfort fit are the ring slides in and out over the knuckle easier and smoother due to the dome curved interior. Another advantage of Comfort fit ring is they don’t trap moisture the way a standard fit band does with inside flat surface. The longer skin is exposed to dampness, the greater the chance of rash and irritation especially for those have very sensitive skin. Comfort fit bands are simply more comfy to wear than flat inside ones. Comfort fit is designed for men’s ring, we often recommended for those who wears their ring daily, in long term or very concern about comfort level.


Side Edge Light Comfort Fit


Side Edge Comfort fit is designed softly round at the edges as well as having that nice roundness curve around your finger. The design is less edgy so it doesn’t cut your fingers. The light Comfort fit bands have less depth from top to bottom. A light Comfort fit will not have noticeable comfort domed curve interior as the deeper heavy Comfort fit band.


What is Standard Fit


Standard Fit is ring band with straight in the interior of the band, it does not have more gold for the extra dome. Standard fit ring is commonly seen, this Standard type of fit is most commonly used in precious metal rings such as platinum, palladium, and white gold.  Although it is slightly less comfortable to wear when compared to Comfort fit, Standard Fit is definitely not “uncomfortable”.  Standard Fit has been used in the jewellery industry for centuries. Therefore it’s individual preferences.


Comfort Fit Rings

Comfort Fit Rings


Slim Men band with Comfort fit

Slim Width Men band with slight noticeable Comfort fit


Rose Gold Men band with Comfort fit 2

Rose Gold Men band with Comfort fit


Rose Gold Men band Comfort fit 1

Rose Gold Men band Comfort fit

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