Old Jewellery


Old Jewellery

Old Jewellery


Do you have old jewellery that is broken, outdated or just not your style of jewellery anymore filling your jewellery box? There is a growing trend in having customize jewellery or customer’s having their diamond ring or gemstones refashioned into new, current and fashionable pieces. Remounting a diamond or gemstone is an extraordinary way to preserve a distinctive ring or sentimental stone. People remount diamond rings for many reasons from ring preservation to fashionable custom designs.  Many common reasons for remounting jewellery include:


  • Repair: Repair is the most common reason for remounting a diamond ring or jewellery. Over the years, the setting and band may wear out. A damaged or worn setting may cause stone to loosen or fall out. Sometimes a prong on a setting may break. Remounting the stone increases the stability of the mounting, preserving the original ring.


  • Preservation: People sometimes take a vintage or antique ring into a jeweller for adjustments and cleaning. To preserve the ring design and their sentimental values and memories of the item, a diamond or gemstone remount may be necessary.


  • Merging: Some people like to merge a family heirloom, such as a mother’s engagement ring, mother’s wedding set can be combined with other stones to create an exquisite piece to be able to wear and meanwhile a new heirloom to pass down to future generations.


  • Updated Design: There’s a growing trend of customers who want to update the look of their engagement ring. The engagement ring may looked outdated after many years, remounting is fun and inexpensive way to utilize their original diamond and the sentimental value into a brand new look. With our consultation, you can create your own personalize ideal jewellery.


When comes to remounting, we always feeling challenging and looking forward in the new look and design we will recreated for our dear customers especially when they entrust us their family heirloom or very memorable pieces.



Images courtesy from customer


This time we are excited to receive our customer’s ring (above images) passed down by her mother. She wish to keep the memories of her beloved mother in something she would love to wear it more often than keep it in the jewellery box which will be neglected after some time.


Therefore we discussed and decide on her preferable modern 18K white gold ring design that’s able to place her mother’s main gemstone. The new remounting design suits my client’s style and most importantly the design brings out the beauty of her mother’s gemstone. When the ring was finalised and ready to hand over, we asked my customer to get ready when we are opening the ring box. We can see her eyes were brighten up when seeing the new look of her old ring, but also a very emotional moment to see her mom’s ring again. We were touched and glad the overall ring looks amazing.




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