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This will be your few or very first precious jewellery you will be shopping together and share for a lifetime. It got to be perfect! It is less stressful for you to narrow down your choices before start hitting the stores aimlessly. You may start having discussions and questions with your partner, like what colour of metal material will your partner wants? Prefer something simple or over the top kind of design? Work out these questions in advance.



If your boyfriend wants to surprise you with the proposal, this may not work out. If you’re planning to wear your diamond ring and wedding band together 24/7, look for a design that you really fancy and will compromise well with your engagement ring. Another example, design a shadow band to interlock with the matching engagement ring. If you’re planning on wearing your wedding band alone, you may want bolder or intricate style that will look great with or without your engagement ring.



Don’t be annoyed if your boyfriend wants to have a different material color from your choice. Every rings should express and match your individual style, the main concern is you should choose the ring you love and be very comfortable with it. There’s no rules saying you must get same design, color or material for wedding bands. You may consider getting certain similarity on some details of the rings or engravings to make it feel like a pair.



For a classic men ring without diamonds or gemstones, the ring will cost more reasonable price. If you prefer comfort fit ring. It is advisable for men especially, the ring is very comfortabel when fit on. Comfort fit band will cost more. To know more about comfort fit –

As for ladies wedding band, diamonds can add considerably more to the cost.



Keep your lifestyle in mind when choosing your rings. Don’t choose for the sake of choosing on that particular moment because it is meaningless when you don’t feel comfortable with your wedding ring especially it gives you inconvenience most of your daily time. You will need to wear it every day and it’s pointless when you have to remove in and out all the time (increase the losing chances too). Wearing ring daily should be effortless, choosing comfort fit design ring will be ideal especially if you play sports or instruments. If you are super active, you can consider slimmer band with platinum which is more durable when comes with scratches, won’t tarnish and won’t change color over the years.


wedding band rosegold



Once you have the idea of what you like, it’s time for ladies favorite dressy time, trying on the blings! I always believe jewellery need to be try on to witness their real beauty and whether the design suits you, not just base through images only. Give yourselves at least two to three months before the wedding date for your ring shopping. You will have to research, start browsing around and also revisit the shop when you have set your eye on certain design. If you have your heart set on bespoke rings, you’ll probably need even more time. Please keep in mind, it take more time and efforts when it is bespoke piece and other things like engraving altogether.




Take your time to try on. You may have some favorite design on your list already but feel free to check out other option too. We always like to hear from you, what is your thoughts, preferred designs and any other concern so we can suggest more suitable pieces to you. It is advisable and harmless for you to try on different design because you may have unexpected results when you wear on. Jewellery is just like clothes, you need to wear them on to see the fits and overall results. You will know if that’s the one.



Your wedding band can be trendy and unique, so long you like it and feel comfortable with it. You must think of long term, as you will wear this ring through your works, your meetings, your social events and many more years. Therefore it is very important to choose the ring you love and able to last long through your eyes. Please try not to pick a ring just to please anyone but yourself because you will be the one wearing it not your partner, not your good friends and not even your mother. No need to be stress over it, it’s not like you can never change your ring entire lifetime. You can upgrade or change your ring design (from non-diamonds to diamonds or gemstones, gold material to platinum or white gold color to rose gold) on your anniversary or any special occasions.



To keep a wedding band with stones clean and sparkling, you can do it yourself at home by washing and soak it in lukewarm water, then gently brush it with a soft toothbrush (too much pressure can loosen the stones from their setting), rinse it and pat it dry with a soft lint-free cloth. If it sounds too much for you to up keep, you may want to opt for a fuss-free gold or platinum ring, use a soft cloth to polish and good to go. For proper cleansing, you can send back to us for FREE cleansing, advisable every 6 months to a year time send your rings for repolishing that will look just like brand new sparkling piece with scratches free finishing (new coat of gold or platinum polishing on the rings). This is to maintain your jewellery quality and more lasting in many years to come.



Our finger size will shrink and expand at all times when we get in touch of different temperature. During extremely cold or hot temperature, our finger sizes will contracts or expand. For those who come straight after exercise, weight gain or pregnancy, fingers will be in swelling or even water retention state. For most people who will wear your wedding bands daily even for those who travelling often or staying overseas, you will encounter different seasons from hot summer to freezing winter. To find the right size, we would kindly recommend you to make an appointment with us to schedule your ring size fitting when you are calm and in normal body temperature.



Make sure your rings, not just wedding band but ALL rings will have the quality mark, for example 18K (label code 750), PLAT (label code 850). This quality mark proves the ring’s truly material from the retailer selling you.


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