Bespoke Princess Diamond Engagement Ring

Choosing Your Own Engagement Ring

Most people who come to us want something that is not commonly found in other retail stores. Something that is special and made only for them. They want to propose with something that comes from the heart, and if they preferred more unconventional shapes of diamonds such as fancy shapes like Princess cut, Radiant Cut, Pear brilliant, Oval, Heart brilliant, Emerald, Marquise, Cushion and Asscher. Therefore this requires much more effort than simply shopping around among existing designs. But because there’s so much variety out there, when it comes to selecting an engagement ring of your own (or for a special someone), the choice can be daunting, confusing, and at times, overwhelming.


For our new century, proposal is no longer kept secretive nowadays. Ladies are more aware and very particular in their engagement ring design. Just like one of my customer, Ms M who contacted me for a fancy shape customised ring. We discussed her preferred specs and her budget, we arranged her to view the Princess Cut diamonds selection we selected out for her. She eyed on a beautiful piece GIA certified 1.05 carat E color ( second top colorless color) VS1 clarity Princess Cut diamond. We explained the perfect proportion of a beautifully cut diamond like Princess Cut shape and the brilliance and scintillation overall.


After confirming the main piece, progressing to the design parts, having a ring made means you’re involved in every step of the process. Oftentimes, when couples are looking at engagement rings, they may like a band from one, a stone from another, and a setting from a third or fourth etc. B y selecting a bespoke ring, you get to have all your favourite details in a single piece. And of course, it’s pretty wonderful having a ring made just for you, is probably a once in a lifetime experience.


Bespoke Princess Diamond Engagement Ring

Bespoke Princess Diamond Engagement Ring


After understanding M’s style and her personality during our meetings, I know she is able to carry off the blings and statement kind of design. Thus for her engagement ring which she will wear  most of the time, we suggested we kept it modern and elegant with her favourite princess cut shape for her side diamonds. She totally loved the idea and even requested to add one more little detail, to have another princess cut diamond specially set on the front (under the main diamond crown). Having princess cut for side diamonds created neatly and elegant look, also its not commonly found in retail stores because to set in the ring mounting, precise measurement are needed for these small princess cut diamonds, they are rare to find which require to be specially cut and ordered for her bespoke ring.


M princess cut engagement sketch

customer image

Customer taken image

Princess Cut diamond Enagement and Wedding band

customer taken image


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