historyold-logo-webWith a humble family ownership business since 1992, Blue Diamonds are proud to serve clients through the years, specializing in jewellery crafting, we source the most exquisite gems using the best connections we have at diamonds and gemstones around the world to source the most splendid stones for you, and offering a full suite of jewellery customize to repair services.


Designed our crafted in our production studio, our timeless jewellery starts with a dream and is realised through to perfection by our attention to the tiniest of details. Our exquisite pieces range from engagement rings to family heirlooms to youthful pieces and bespoke jewellery.


From gemstones, diamonds and personal touches, each piece of Blue Diamonds jewellery symbolises dreams, hopes, feeling loves & friendships transforming each piece into a cherished keepsake.


bluediamondsBlue Diamonds in-house team of highly skilled craftsmen has over 30 years of combined expertise in jewellery design and craftsmanship. Our workshop specialists on-site include polishers, gemstone setters, and engravers. Every piece we work with is created with the utmost care and attention.


Our diamonds and gemstones are accredit and certified with well-established institutes such as Gemological Institute of America (GIA), GemResearch Swisslab (GRS) and the American Gem Society (AGS).

Rachel P

Rachel P is based in Singapore, feeling very lucky with privilege growing up in jewellery family background, Rachel P grew up witnessing and understanding the back scene crafts work, began appreciating these beautiful sparkling transforming jewellery in her young age.


Believing in personal touch and keeping the traditional customisation service passing down from her family, Rachel P offers personally bespoke jewellery services that are designed to fit into your lifestyle; our consultations can take place out of regular office hours, and at venues close to your office or home. In some experiences to clients in worldwide, it may not been possible to meet in person and a majority of the commissioning process has been done online.


We have our second boutique designed in cosy and private ambience to provide a truly personalize service, to let you discuss your needs and look at the loose stones. Whether you are commissioning a bespoke jewellery or selecting one of the luxurious pieces in their collections.

Short Story About Us


Production Studio

Blue Diamonds from the beginning of craftsmanship background, have established a firm reputation for not compromising on quality whilst offering honest and professional advice on every pieces of Jewellery they handled.

Consultation and Sales

Rachel P and team, the second generation has taken care of many design consultation and has introduced many modern design concepts whilst staying true to her family’s traditional principals.

“We worked very closely with our clients, we believe every design is an expression of individual personality and style. Every piece of jewellery is unique, it has its valuable story behind.”

Our Partners

We’re right here to assist you to plan one of the most special moments of your life. We realised like any other event, planning and coordinating a wedding isn’t glamorous but seriously hard work. Which is why so many brides & grooms or some of whom have never even thrown a dinner party, suddenly supposed to take on the role of trained event manager, all whilst holding down full time jobs, eventually ending up stressed and exhausted rather than enjoy the planning of their special day.


As mushy romantic and would like all couples to be able to focus on promising to spend the rest of their lives together. To let you have the best without any stress for your important event, our trusting partners will help you in taking care of important details, capturing those special moments and understand what you’re buying into.


If you like what you’ve seen so far, don’t be shy! Get in touch with them and remember to quote BLUE DIAMONDS, so you will entitle special discount rates from our partners.


The Wedding Limo Company is driven by a team of car aficionados who believe that like wine, cars flourish with age. And so, we have a curated fleet of luxury and vintage cars just for you. We’re proud to own the largest fleet of luxury classic cars in Singapore that are up for hire.

The wedding Limo Co. is part of ABM Leasing Pte Ltd, an affiliate of Autobahn Motors. Autobahn Motors specializes in Luxury, Sports, Convertibles and special interest automobiles. We have a burning passion for fine cars and were born out of this love and enthusiasm. Since then, we have endeavoured to provide customers with the satisfaction of the best products and services.

The Wedding Limo Co Team
Contact: 6835 4600
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Singapore 229863
Website: www.theweddinglimo.co
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